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- Maya

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change your health,

by Changing How You THINK.

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- Maya

Change your health,

by Changing How You THINK.

About Me


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A 15+ year registered dietitian and diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, who's been in your shoes and thought your thoughts, who's struggled to find her own way through being severly overweight, prediabetic, anxiety-ridden, burned out, and severe trauma. 

  • ​1,000+ Clientscoached to optimal and sustainable health.
  • ​100+ Public workshops ​and classes
  • Food & Nutrition Contributor to 3TV, 12News, and Your Life AtoZ in Arizona.
  • ​ Taught at CVS Health, PING Golf, Osborn Schools, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, & more.
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Work With Me

My services.

You can work with me personally by joining a group class, hire me to teach at your school district, municipality or organization, or hire a dietitian in my insurance-based practice at the Southwest Dietitian Group.

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Self Mastery

the Education.

Beliefs, or our identity, drive our habitual thinking (overthinking, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophizing), which drives our habitual emotions (like stress and overwhelm) which drives our behaviors (apples or candy bars) which create our life circumstance (poor or optimal health). This is what I call the Nuuaria Method® for change.

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Free Training

The Six Most Important Principles in Habit Change

Tune In

Weekly Episodes.

Who Do I Need to Become

Changing identity means changing beliefs which makes habit change, easier and sustainable.

Stress & Negative Thinking

What are stress and negative thinking (really) and how they effect your sustainable weight loss. 

Rules of 'Good' and 'Bad'

and right and wrong are effecting yoru everyday choices, either moving you toward or away from better health.



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